Blinky Doors and Firefly Glyphs

July 21, 2020

I’ve been greatly encouraged by my overhaul of Metasweeper. In particular it absolutely feels right to make all the important things in Metasweeper spirits (or maybe I’ll call them sprites, not sure yet). Just playing around with idea has led to a cascade of new ideas that makes the world feel more and more cohesive, and more importantly like a place you want to spend your time. Side note: this feels a lot like the cascade of design choices that I made in Obversion after I decided to drop the greyscale aesthetic and add color.

These are some gifs to give you a taste of what I’m building towards. We’ve got blinking doors that tell you what they want before they’ll open, a little starting forest village that shows a bit of what the overworld might look like, and lastly a sign composed of a swarm of firefly-like sprites that coalesce to form glyphs when the player approaches.


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