New Name and a Public Appearance

March 15, 2022

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Part of that is that I just haven’t been doing as much that has felt worth sharing. But I at least wanted to give some updates about the old LED sphere game system thing. For those that don’t know, we (Mana and I) changed the name to Super Orbitron to reflect the fact that we now support multiple games. That, and no one ever knows how to spell “Rhomberman”. We’ve currently got three awesome retro-inspired arcade-style games: snektron (i.e. snake + tron), co-op PacMan, and the original game I started with, bomberman. Mana and I have been steadily chipping away working on Super Orbitron, refining the onboarding, prototyping the decorative housing (see below), and steadily improving all three games. More games will come in the future, but first we really want to nail what we’ve already got.

Now if you’re wondering when you might be able to play this, I’ve got some news for you. We’re planning on showing up at GDC guerilla-style in Yerba Buena Park (San Francisco) Tuesday and Wednesday (3/22 and 3/23) from about 12-5pm. Come join us there if you want to check out Super Orbitron in person. You don’t need to have any sort of GDC pass, just show up with yourself and a non-ancient smartphone.


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