Available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux

“Overall, it’s an extremely well designed first-person puzzle game with fantastic levels that will give your brain a work-out while not being stressful.” - Liam Dawe (Gaming on Linux)

“I really appreciate the time and effort put into creating the many different puzzles in the game, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of different variations on puzzles the developer found within the constraints of the mechanics of creating and destroying blocks.” - Mana (creator of Shell Out Showdown)

“There’s a level in the second world where I literally burst out loud laughing when I saw what the game was doing—unexpected but totally made sense within the rules that had been set up so far.” - Raph d’Amico (aka Laughing Kaiju)

“Every puzzle has felt new and fresh, and I’ve had to learn something new to solve each one.” - Mason Remaley (creator of Way of Rhea)


Fragments of Silicon, The SWW Show


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